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I feel like I introduce every post with the fact that our family uses Mason jars for practically everything. But it’s true! This post, however, is not so much about Mason jars as it is on the wonder of reusable straws (which, of course, do go perfectly with Mason jars and straw lids)! Even when I’m not using a Mason jar to drink from, I still need a straw now. I guess all of our glass and stainless steel straws have spoiled me! Last night, I was relaxing with a glass of lemon ice water, and all I kept wishing for was a straw to complete the experience. Somehow, water just tastes better out of a stainless steel or glass straw! 😉

Every morning, our family has smoothies. We drink them from Mason jars with smoothie straws. Until recently, I was a little concerned about the sharpness of the edges of the straws with the kiddos drinking from them. That fear is gone now with our new “rounded end” straws! Trust me, I have (accidentally!) jammed one in my own face, and, of course, it hurt a little. But it was way better than when I’ve (accidentally!) jammed other straws in my face. Note: I am a klutz.

These babies are the best! We know you’ll love them! And, because we love you, we’re giving away a four pack (you choose the size and style) of these awesome little rounded end straws (that even have our logo on them!)+ a cleaning brush; see Rafflecopter below to enter (Contest begins on 7/16). We also have a sale going on through Monday, July 20, where if you buy two, you’ll get one free! The discount will automatically apply once you put three in your cart. You can mix and match between our Rounded Stainless Steel Straws for Half Pint Mason Jars, Pint Mason Jars, and Quart Mason Jars.

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Today, our products are featured on the fabulous, fun lifestyle blog Life With Rosie!

Chelsie made a pretty fantastic summertime beverage and used our caddy, lids, and straws to take it to the next level!

(Photo courtesy of Life With Rosie)

Check out her recipe here!

Aren’t Chelsie and her pup totally adorable?

(Photo courtesy of Life With Rosie)

In our house, we have all sorts of Mason jar lids (obviously!), including decorative lids, storage lids, straw hole lids, etc. The one common problem among all these Mason jar lids is that very few are leak-proof. I’ve often wanted to store a jar in my fridge on its side due to space constraints, but if there’s any liquid in the jar, I can’t! Another concern is that many of the fun decorative lids on the market aren’t food safe. This is fine if you want to use them strictly for decoration, but what if you want to keep candy or nuts, for example, in a jar with a fun lid (like this), but it doesn’t have a food safe liner?

We have a solution! Ryan recently designed these awesome regular mouth silicone sealing lid liners to deal with leaking and non-food safe lids. We’ve been testing them like crazy, and they work wonders!

Here are just a few uses we’ve come up with:

Make your straw lid totally leak proof! Want to transport your jar and straw lid without worrying about any leaking? Stick a lid liner inside until you’re ready to drink it!

Make any storage lid leak proof! For example, the handy white plastic lids sold by Ball aren’t leak proof, but these inserts fix that! Bring lunch to work in a Mason jar without worrying about any spillage in your brief case or back pack! Go ahead, stick that jar on its side in your fridge! It won’t leak!

Make a decorative lid food safe! We love mixed nuts in our home, and we always have a jar (or three) on our kitchen counter. Since these jars are always out and visible, we want them to look extra cute. We love being able to use our decorative storage lids, which, with a lid liner, are totally food safe!

Want to win a 10 pack for yourself? Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter! Winner will be announced on Thursday, July 16.

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REMINDER: Don’t forget to enter our other big giveaway! You have through Tuesday, July 14! Enter HERE!

We hope you’re all having a fun and relaxing summer! We’ve been loving warm nights in the yard with cool drinks from our Mason jars (plus straws and lids, of course)!

It’s time for a giveaway! Check out our rafflecopter below to enter to win a surprise Mason jar accessory package valued at over $50! We’re giving you several opportunities to get contest entries, and the more entries you get, the better your chance to win! (That probably goes without saying, huh?) Good luck! Contest ends at midnight on Tuesday, July 14.

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Today’s post comes from my mom, Rita. She posted this to her Facebook page yesterday, and I thought it might make a helpful blog post for all you gardeners out there, so here it is! (Thanks, mom!)

An everyday miracle: The sun, the rain, a seed, and some earth will make a nice lunch for you! This garden has had no human care since early April, when I put a few seeds in the ground. Before the planters, this area was mulched with wood chips, which is probably why, upon closer inspection, I noticed an abundance of Roly Poly bugs. According to the internet, the lowly Roly Poly is a gill-breathing crustacean … a humble (very humble) cousin to the tastey lobster. Since the early-bearing plants , such as spinach and snow peas, are ready to pick and eat, I wanted to stay with organic solutions. Also according to the internet, diatomaceous earth, a fine powder made from tiny fossilized algae-like plants, serves as a repellant. Who would have guessed? Ryan had some! So, he gave me a jarful along with a daisy lid (usually to put a straw into for a cute drink container) and I sprinkled it around my plants. Mason Jar Lifestyle, indeed!

My husband and I love cooking, and we especially enjoy creating our own recipes using items we already have in our fridge and pantry. Today, we started out just wanting to make a sour cream dip for the 4th of July. In our typical fashion (things always get more complicated than they need to be) we decided to each make one and have a competition to see who could create the tastier dip using ingredients we already had. I made mine first, but I didn’t take any photos of the process. Mine contained fresh garden chives, homemade sriracha, black pepper, dried onion, garlic powder, and salt. Ryan decided to go a different direction, using soy sauce, green chiles, garlic powder, and Worcestershire sauce.

He started with a spoonful of sour cream.

Then came the green chiles.

After that, in went a few shakes of garlic powder.

Next, there was a most generous glug of Worcestershire followed by soy sauce.

He stirred it all up, added a bunch more sour cream, and stirred it some more!

This is where it gets really exciting for me. We got to use our super fun neck clip card holders to label the jar! These things are so handy and cute! They pop right on the jar, and you can stick any card or paper in the clip and write whatever you wish! I had a fun piece of blue cardstock and just used a white bistro marker to write on it!

OK, you’re not going to believe it, but it gets even better (of course, keep in mind that I’m a total Mason jar geek fanatic). Our silver storage lids screw on over the neck clips (see picture), so once we had this all ready to go, we just popped a storage lid on top and stuck the whole shebang in the fridge for tomorrow!

Seriously, how cute will it be to serve our dips out of Mason jars? And if we have leftovers, we’ll stick a metal storage lid on top, pop the whole thing back in the fridge, and have a dip to munch on for the rest of the week! And, in the entire process, we used ONE dish!

Shout out to all the fathers out there today! Our kiddos made sweet handprint art for Ryan at preschool earlier this week. Our littlest is only 8-months, so he was happily smearing sweet potatoes all over his face as our other two were ever-so-proudly presenting daddy with their gifts. It melted my heart to see how pleased they were to give him their presents. We also got him a handmade ceramic cup and a bottle of chipotle hot sauce from a craft fair yesterday. Lest you think we didn’t fit Mason jars into the morning, daddy is currently having a drink from a Mason jar. Soon, we’re off for a family walk (where we will bring our standard water-filled Mason jars with drinking lids). What a lovely day!

Mason jars (and fun Mason jar accessories) make everything better, don’t they?

You know that feeling you get when the door bell rings and you see the mail person leave a package at your door? That was the excitement I felt this afternoon when a little box appeared from Mason Jar Lifestyle. I rushed to open it and inside a neatly packaged box was a plethora of adorable Mason jar accessories.

From brightly colored lids to stainless steel straws and a oil lamp lid to jar jewelry, my little box was filled with interesting and unique pieces that I will be putting to good use very soon. I am excited to be one of the first to get my hands on just a few of the wares that the Mason Jar Lifestyle has for sale on their website. I will be posting pictures and ideas of uses soon, but I just had to share about the little box that so joyfully arrived at my door.

Also, because I couldn’t wait too long to give some of my items a try, I put my pretty pink lemonade into a Mason jar that I already had and added a cute pink chevron lid and stainless steel straw from my box (yes, I washed them first). How fun is that?!?! Doesn’t everyone coordinate their drink color to their Mason jar lid color? If you don’t, you should and I know just where to get those coordinating lids 🙂

We’ve gotten so many questions about our business — what it is, why we started it, etc. I decided to make a video that pretty much sums it all up (I don’t have any experience in front of a video camera, so please excuse my dorkiness).

If you don’t want to watch a video, I’ll sum it all up for you here:

Basically, all Mason jars come in either regular mouth or wide mouth sizes. Sometimes, this will be indicated on the jar, but not always. The store packaging, however, will always say “regular” or “wide mouth.” The inner diameter for a regular mouth Mason jar is 2 3⁄8″, while the inner diameter for a wide mouth Mason jar is 3″. What this means is that any regular mouth lid will fit on any regular mouth jar, and any wide mouth lid will fit on any wide mouth jar! And this is exactly what sparked the idea for the Mason Jar Lifestyle!

With three kids, our house is filled to the brim with stuff. About a year ago, Ryan (my husband and co-founder of Mason Jar Lifestyle) started getting interested in fermentation and canning, so our house saw an influx of Mason jars. “These are so cute! I want them in every size!” I thought. But we already had too much stuff. Then it occurred to me that we could probably eliminate the need to have cupboards full of all this other “stuff” if we could figure out a way to use Mason jars for pretty much everything, since one jar, with the right Mason jar accessory, could function in countless ways. And, so, our business was born!

How awesome is it that you can use one accessory or lid on any sized jar? Take a straw hole lid (which you’ll find tons of in our shop!), for example — you stick it on a quart jar for your morning smoothie and then use that same lid for your kid’s half pint glass of milk at dinnertime! Then, when they inevitably don’t finish the milk (if they’re like our kids), put a regular storage lid on the jar and stick it in the fridge for the next morning.

Got a giant bouquet of flowers (woohoo!!!)? Grab a flower arranging lid (yes, we carry these), stick it on a quart-sized jar, and you’re good to go! Did your four-year-old surprise you by picking a few flowers from your garden? Put the same flower arranging lid on a pint jar, and make a cute little display-worthy arrangement.

At the end of the day, Mason jars allow you to live a “green” and simplified life without sacrificing style. In fact, Mason jars (and Mason jar accessories) are totally in style and, we think, can take most anything to the next level. Use Mason jars at your next party, and you’ve got your decorations covered! Give your next gift in a Mason jar (we have labels and lids to make them “pop”!), and you’re not only giving what’s inside — the Mason jar itself is an added gift!

Our goal is to give you a really fun and easy shopping experience and to supply you with helpful information on all the ways that Mason jars can add style and convenience to your everyday lives! If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or product ideas, we would absolutely love to hear from you! Please drop us a line: maggie@masonjarlifestyle.com

Thanks for reading, and we truly appreciate your support as we launch our business! Check back often — we have new products arriving all the time!